How Do You Change Word Display Numbers and Decimals in a Mail Merge?

When using Excel spreadsheets in a mail union procedure, various customers once in a while continue running into inconvenience arranging the fields that contain decimals or other numerical characteristics. To ensure the data contained in the fields are implanted precisely, one must arrangement the field, not the data in the source record.

Disastrously, Word does not give a way to deal with you to change what number of decimal spots webroot secureanywhere download with key code are appeared working with numbers. While there are ways to deal with work around this hindrance, the best course of action is to join a switch in the solidification field.

Well ordered directions to Perform This Numerical Switch Function

To demonstrate what number of decimal spots to appear in your Word mail mix, you can use the Numeric Picture Field Switch (#):

With the mail merge standard report open, press Alt + F9 to see the field codes.

The field code will look something like {MERGEFIELD “fieldname” }.

Clearly after the end quote around the field name type # – do exclude spaces or proclamations.

Truly after the field switch you just entered, type 0.0x if you have to modify the number to two decimal spots, 0.00x if you have to alter the number to three decimal spots, and so on.

When you have incorporated your field switch, press Alt + F9 to demonstrate the fields as opposed to the field codes.

Your number will appear to be acclimated to the decimal spot you decide. If it doesn’t indicate rapidly, fortify the chronicle by constraining it to the toolbar and resuscitating. If the field regard still does not indicate precisely, you may need to strengthen the file again or close and re-open your record.

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